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CCA took over the running of the Assynt Centre in Lochinver in early September 2010 after the Highland Council closed the facility in August.

Community Care Assynt (CCA) is a charity (charity number SC044803) working in Sutherland, providing services to the people of Assynt. We assist local residents fulfil their personal, social and economic potential and overcome barriers they may face due to age, health or disability issues.

We are based at the Assynt Centre in Lochinver, a local health and wellbeing hub for all people in our wider community.

We take pride in playing an active part in the local community and region, working closely with other local organisations and services. This local support has proven to be crucial to the confidence and sense of security for all people in the area and is key to the resilience of our community overall. 


CCA aim to achieve the outcomes as defined by the Joint Community Care Plan

- Service users are healthy and have a good quality of life

- Service users are supported and protected to stay safe


- Service users are supported to maximise their independence


- Service users retain dignity and are free from stigma and discrimination


- Service users and carers are informed and in control of their care


- Service users are supported to realise their potential


- Service users are socially and geographically connected


The history of the Assynt Centre in Lochinver and Community Care Assynt are closely inter linked. The Centre was set up or originally in 1984/5 by Kirk Care as a Daycare Centre, with residential respite care added later.


Subsequently, the local authority took over operations, but in 2005 the residential beds were closed and in 2006 the 24/7 respite service was downgraded to weekdays and a limited number of weekends per year.

This led to the Assynt Centre Action Group being set up to lobby for the return of more respite opportunities. However, in 2009 due to the deteriorating economic climate and public funding constraints full closure became a realistic threat , making the situation

much worse still.


By then the Assynt Centre Action Group was established, well connected and supported in the community. With this, we had a platform which could explore a rescue plan for the Centre.

When in February 2010 the Highland Council decided it could, indeed, no longer continue to

run the Assynt Centre, the community swiftly stepped up to the mark and put together a business plan to run local services themselves with a new company - Community Care Assynt Ltd.

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