Good food, good friends, good staff

Emily, Service-User
As part our wellbeing hub we offer a nutritious 2-course hot lunch five days a week, Monday-Friday. Access to healthy-eating options can be very restricted in a remote area with limited supplies. Older people’s mobility and access issues add to the challenge.

By offering a meal we can promote healthy eating and provide a social space where service users can meet and chat, combating rural isolation and loneliness. We involve those who come for lunch in creating our menus and there is always choice! The cost for lunch is £3.50 (or £4 including coffee).

We have capacity on most weekdays and are happy to welcome new users any time. If you want to come along, or know anybody who would like to attend, please contact us. Ideally we need to know at least one day in advance who will be attending. We also offer transport and personal support services to those who would otherwise not be able to come along!

Sample Menu

We actively involve service users in our menu planning.

3 out of 5 days a week the meal options are based on people’s suggestions of what they would like to eat.

As we have fans of both soup and pudding we usually alternate the 2 course lunches to include either of them.

Day 1

Potato Soup
Roast Chicken
or Vegetable Tart

Roast Potatoes

Followed by Tea or Coffee

Day 2

Steak Pie
or Broccoli Bake

Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Bread & Butter Pudding & Custard

Followed by Tea or Coffee