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Service User Guide 2016


Welcome to the Users Guide for Support Services from Community Care Assynt Ltd. We hope that you will find this guide helpful and it will answer some of your questions about Support Service at the Assynt Centre. If you feel that you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact the Care Manager – Amanda Webb who will try & answer any questions you have.

Service Aims & Objectives


Providing a flexible, professional service
Promoting an inclusive approach within the company
Maintaining privacy and confidentiality, respecting rights and promoting equality of all service users.


To ensure support is based on individual needs and aspirations .
To ensure flexible, person centred care to meet changing needs.

Principles of the service – Your Rights

These principles are your recognised rights set out the National Care Standards that govern Support Services. They reflect the strong agreement that your experience of receiving services is very important and should be positive, and that you have rights.
The principles are dignity, privacy, choice, safety, realising potential and
equality and diversity.


Your right to:


Your right to:


Your right to:


Your right to:

Realising potential

Your right to have the opportunity to:

Equality and diversity

Your right to:

What Support Services Can Offer
Community Care Assynt aims to provide a Support service to enhance the existing lunch club, social activity and sign posting services already provided at the Assynt Centre (See Service Guide). Support Services will operat

Monday to Friday over the following hours

Monday – 10.00 – 3.30
Tuesday – 10.30 – 3.30
Wednesday – 10.00 – 3.30
Thursday – 10.00 – 3.00
Friday – 10.00– 2.30

Within this boundary the specific support services offered are:

Personal Care services to include a wide range of personal care tasks, e.g bathing, toileting and personal hygiene.

Social Support for Individuals with Memory Difficulties and Dementia.

Services include: enabling individuals with memory difficulties and dementia to attend Community Care Assynt activities either based within the Assynt Centre or the wider community without the support of their primary carer providing respite for families. Within a safe and supported environment.

It is anticipated that individuals with Dementia will be supported to access core services provided by CCA including lunch & afternoon activities.

CCA has now developed an additional tier to our support service for individuals with Dementia. For some individuals with Dementia busy environments & large group activities may be difficult to cope with. The Assynt Centre can now provide additional sessions from 10am to 1.30pm for up to 4 individuals with advanced Dementia, the focus of these sessions is provide a supportive, calm environment in which to support individuals with advanced Dementia. This additional service is accessed & assessed through social work.

How Services are Allocated

Your need for a support service will be determined by an assessment of your needs. You will have been assessed by the Manager of the Assynt Centre who has agreed that you have needs that can be supported by the enhanced Service.

A staff member from Community Care Assynt will work with you to complete a written agreement and agree a care plan.

The written agreement describes the service you will receive, the terms and conditions under which the service is provided and information about changing or ending the service. It will also inform you what if any charges there are for the service.

The Care Plan will describe your needs and how they will be met. It may also identify needs that cannot be met by the Support Service and may include reference to other services from a variety of agencies. It will list some personal details provided by yourself which will help us to provide you with the best possible service.You will be asked to sign your care plan to show that you understand & agree what is proposed in it. You will receive a copy of this plan for your records.

What happens when there needs to be a change to the services you are receiving?

Your service will be reviewed regularly by Community Care Assynt’s Manager, you will be involved in these reviews and informed of any changes.

If there is a change in your domestic circumstances such as going on holiday or being admitted to hospital then the Manager of the Assynt Centre should be informed as soon as possible.

Ending the Service

If you wish to stop receiving the service, then you must inform the Manager of the Assynt Centre. They will arrange a review meeting to discuss your decision. If in the view of the professional stopping the service will put your health at significant risk then your permission will be sought to inform your GP when the service ceases.

If it is decided to withdraw your service from you for any reason, this will also be discussed with you at a review meeting, which will be recorded and the decision & reasoning noted. You will receive this information in writing & will have the right of appeal through the Social Work Services Complaints procedure.

Community Care Assynt reserves the right to terminate a service agreement in the following circumstances

Personal & Public Liability

The Manager of the Support service will need to complete a risk assessment of your home (if applicable)& the support you require. This will ensure the support you need can be delivered in the safest way possible.

Staff conduct

Management of the Service

Community Care Assynt Support service is registered with the Care Inspectorate.

Comments & Complaints

Community Care Assynt welcomes comments and suggestions about the services it provides. It also will respond to any complaints you may wish to make. You can make a comment or complaint in the following ways:

By telephoning or writing to the Manager of the Support Service

By Contacting the Care Inspectorate.

The Care Inspectorate

The Care Inspectorate is the independent scrutiny and improvement body for care services. They regulate and inspect care services. They are here to make sure that people receive the highest quality of care and that their rights are promoted and protected.

You have the right to take part in these inspections and can arrange to meet with the inspector when they inspect the service provider. The Manager of the Support Service will let you know when these inspections are expected to take place.

A publicly available report will be produced following an inspection and you have a right to see this. You will be contacted when this is available and you can request a copy.

If you have a concern or complaint about the service you receive from Community Care Assynt Support Service you can also make this to the Care Inspectorate.

Their Address for the Highland Area is
Care Inspectorate
First Floor
Castle House
Fairways Business Park

Telephone : 01463 227630