FREE Mindfulness for Stress course for unpaid carers in Assynt

brain-998996_640Are you an unpaid carer for an individual with a long term health condition or disability of any age?

Community Care Assynt and the Assynt Centre understand that being an unpaid carer can be a rewarding but challenging & stressful role. Finding time for yourself can often be a low priority but finding time for yourself is equally as important as the care you provide.

In 2016 we are hoping to run a FREE Mindfulness for Stress course within Assynt for Unpaid Carers.

We are lucky to have a qualified Mindfulness Teacher within Assynt – Hazel Pepper who would facilitate 8 weekly sessions lasting around two and a half hours per session to help participants learn techniques to help individuals manage everyday stresses.

Mindfulness can “help you to discover that you don’t have to live with all the unhelpful thoughts and feelings that our minds tend to throw up in reaction to stressful experiences. Mindfulness practice doesn’t get rid of problems – it helps change our relationship with them”

We are in the early stages of planning these sessions & for them to go ahead we would invite any unpaid carers to register an interest in attending this FREE course so that we can progress our plans.

To register an interest in attending please contact

Amanda Webb at the Assynt Centre by 31st January 2016

01571 844144